MYT Teacher Training Bali

Known for its serene beaches, verdant rice fields and spiritual culture, MYT Teacher Training is one of the most popular destinations to embark on a yoga teacher training course. With its zen atmosphere, world-renowned yogis, healthy lifestyle and affordable prices (compared to the US and Europe) it’s no wonder that more and more yogis from all over the world choose to take their 200 or 300 hour yoga teacher training in Bali.

Located in the island’s northernmost part, this retreat center is a pristine paradise overlooking the majestic mountains and sea. This intimate training program will provide you with a deep understanding of yoga history, philosophy, anatomy and asana through lectures, practice and teaching experience. You will learn how to structure and teach yoga classes and be fully equipped to guide students of all levels.

Yoga in Paradise: MYT Bali Teacher Training Retreat

This 200-hour teacher training is a life-changing journey that will shift your perspective and empower you to live your true calling. You’ll be taught by experienced & authentic teachers who care about your well-being and growth.

This unique yoga immersion is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the magic of Bali while completing your foundational yoga certification. Throughout this transformative training you’ll receive Briohny Smyth’s signature Aligned Yoga method, which blends a strong vinyasa flow with thoughtful alignment instruction and yogic philosophy.

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Data-Driven Storytelling: Turning Numbers into Engaging Tales

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