Adsense on Blogger Everything You Need to Know Before Enrolling in the Program

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If they are recurring visitors to my blog (thank you, thank you very much for continuing here) you will know that since the middle of last year I already had the ads on the blog.

Google Adsense is a powerful tool integrated to Blogger that, in a quality blog, represents great profits for its author. Thanks to its affiliate program, anyone who has a blog on Blogger can sign up and, once approved, you can place ads on your blog and literally sit down and watch how the money arrives.

However, Google puts under intense scrutiny before making the approval or rejection of the request. That is to say, they do not approve any type of blog, they look for a serious and quality blog.

My plan in this post is to talk a little about my experience and offer some tips so that your blog is approved at the first opportunity.Let’s go first: Frequently asked questions about adsense

Adsense on Blogger Everything You Need to Know Before Enrolling in the Program

What is Google Adsense?

According to Wikipedia, Google Adsense in the Google platform that allows publishers to earn revenue by placing ads on their websites, whether text, graphics or advanced interactive advertising.

What kind of ads does Adsense put on the blog?

All types. These ads are managed and ordered by Google in association with AdWords advertisers through a complex instant auction system.

Can I choose the ads that appear on my blog?

No, but I can avoid showing ads with a certain type of content (+18, with sensitive topics, etc.) of course, once the application is approved.

Who can apply to join the AdSense program?

  • Anyone that meets the following requirements:
  • Have a website or blog (regardless of the domain).
  • Be over 18 years old
  • comply with the policies and terms and conditions of the program. (See later)
  • Be active for at least 6 months.

How much content should I have in my blog / website to be approved in AdSense?

There is not a minimum, on the internet stories of people who have achieved it with only 8 posts published on their blog abound

How long does AdSense approval take?

They indicate that 2 to 3 days. However, the review can last as long as they want. It depends on different variants: from the number of requests to the budget they have. That is, the time it may take to approve us is uncertain.The first time I requested it, it took only 24 hours to approve the request. However, the second time took almost a month.but still if you didn’t get any reply you may check your website in Adsense banned checker tool it’s your site is disable by google or not.

My experience with the approval of Google Adsense

Although the first time did not present an odyssey (I will tell you later why I say “first time”), if it represented a big jump in my commitment to my blog and with all of you.

At the beginning of June of last year, I added value and sent the request to Google (through the window offered by Blogger). I filled out the application, sent it, placed the code in the HTML of my blog, the blank ad boxes and waited. I will not tell you the process because that gives for a tutorial, I’ll just tell you that they approved me.

On that occasion it only took 24 hours to approve my account by notifying me by email. It was enough that the ads were shown, which did not take more than two hours to appear.

On that occasion it only took 24 hours to send the approval.

Since the visits of my blog vary constantly the money does not arrive on a regular basis. Adsense pays for clicks and impressions. While the clicks are what generate more money (in my case MXN $ 1.00 p / click), the impressions hardly generate cents.

Still I do not complain, because the money is generated without working so it is a very advantageous extra source. I could not be happier: For the first time in 6 years I started to earn income for writing in this blog, and I was motivated to continue sharing quality content.

So I decided to continue with the changes: I changed the template for a more comfortable one, I modified the structure of several posts, I did a massive update of information and finally I got a personalized domain.

New template, new domain.

It was here that the small problem arrived.

At the beginning of this year (2017) things had stabilized. The droplets of money that came in were enough and increased steadily, the comments on the blog increased along with the visits, so I decided to take the last step of my plan: buy a domain of your own.

With the help of a coupon, I managed to obtain my first domain in only MXN $ 21.00 (plus 11 commission for payment in ATM) and I decided to place it on the blog. When changing the domain should give notice to AdSense otherwise nobody would see the ads. It is logical, the approved domains were all blogspot completion.

What I could not foresee was that when changing the domain, I had to go through the Adsense authorization again, that is, send the request and wait for them to analyze the blog and approve it. Well, I will tell you that those 3 days became 1 month. A full month in which white squares appeared in the places where advertisements should appear and no, I did not get a notice or mail beyond this: In short, the wait It was not pleasant at all. However, so that you do not pass similar, here are a few tips to take into account before submitting your application.

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