Delta 8 Canada – What You Need to Know

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Delta 8 canada is a relatively new cannabis product, but already it’s making waves among consumers who think it provides a more mellower high than typical THC-containing products and are intrigued by its possible medicinal applications. But it’s important for consumers to do their research, and know that not all products containing delta-8 are created equal.

The legality of delta-8 depends on ongoing research that sheds more light on its action and risks, as well as public opinion, which plays a key role in shaping cannabis legislation. It’s also essential to remember that commercial urine drug tests don’t distinguish between different cannabinoids, so delta-8 could show up on a test for marijuana even if it’s derived from hemp and not cannabis.

Delta-8 in the True North: Exploring Delta-8 THC Products in Canada

It’s crucial for consumers to look for the highest quality products when considering consuming delta-8. That means checking out the manufacturer’s website and third-party lab results before making a purchase. But, as the industry continues to evolve and more and more products enter the market, it’s important that regulatory agencies step up and ensure that manufacturers are following regulations when producing these unique products.

According to a spokesperson for the BCLDB, it’s working on a “new process” that will ensure “that new and existing Delta-8 THC products meet all OCS cannabis safety and quality requirements.” But until then, delta-8 consumers should be aware of what’s in their products and make sure they have an authentic COA. One company to consider is Area52, which is known for its strict approach to lab testing and transparency — the brand posts relevant and up-to-date certificates of analysis for each product on its website.

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