Eliminate weeds without chemicals or toxic products

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Years ago, no one used pesticides or other chemicals to combat weeds in the gardens, yet they were very successful in eradicating them. In this note, the techniques most used by gardeners of the past, to combat weeds A garden with good fertilizer for your plants, is a garden more free of weeds. Organic waste – grass, leftover grass, fallen leaves, fallen bark – can fertilize the soil of our gardens as they decompose. Therefore, they can be considered as very effective barriers against weeds.For better protection of the garden against weeds, you could also use some newspaper sheets, Kraft paper (the paper used to make brown grocery bags) or a cardboard, under these “organic manure” remnants.According to a study in the United States, with a six-inch layer of chipped newspaper, applied at the beginning of a season, no more than 8 weeds per square yard grew for two summers. Without the renewal of the “organic fertilizer”, the same newspaper controlled the weeds for only two seasons. Kraft’s paper or cardboard also allows less light to come into the weeds, making it harder for them to grow.

Eliminate weeds without chemicals or toxic products

The weeds that grow annually, die when they are separated from the roots, which are just below the surface of the earth. With a good hoe, weeds can be cut more easily. Forget about the large and traditional garden hoes, as you will reach with a small or hand.To avoid back pain when using this tool, use a hoe with a long fist, and hold it like a broom ie with your thumbs up, and one hand above the other.Enjoy the sun You can let the sun help you at work by getting rid of persistent weeds if you are willing to stop using your garden for six weeks in the summer. Start with this work at the end of spring or early summer by hoeing or raking all the weeds you find in the garden. Then moisten the floor and cover it with clear plastic, burying its edges. Leave the plastic in place for six weeks. When you remove the plastic, the sun will have “cooked” the weeds, which would otherwise have sprouted.

Plucking by hand This is a very comfortable trick to control weeds. Put your hands in front of you, with your thumbs up and your palms in front of your body. Then put one hand in front of the other. Then, close and crimp the fingers together, always pulling out the thumbs.Then, press with your knuckles all the areas with weeds, forcing them to destroy them. With practice, you will be amazed at how quickly you can clean a row of weeds in the garden with this movement.┬áHerbicides, just for those complicated place The herbicides should not be ruled out completely if there are areas where it is very difficult to reach with the hands or tools. Flame herbicides consist of a small propane torch used to combat weeds, – when other tools do not work – for example along walls or between cracks in the yard. A flame herbicide does not work for burned weeds, as this torch does not kill them.

Hand weedkillers come in all kinds of dimensions and quantities, in both old and new styles. The traditional bifurcated lion tooth digger remains one of the most effective tools for bursting “dandelions” and other weeds with roots off the ground. The ball herbicide has a large round center, to give it even more pressure. The circular blade penetrates below the soil surface, separating the roots.

Helpful tips

Homes come in many designs and dimensions. Look for one that allows you to work vertically and comfortably, and has a wide blade, where you can keep everything extracted. The curve should be as deep as possible, so that weeds can be sliced with an oscillating movement.Never rake these weeds: Comfort, Jerusalem Artichokes, Avenilla or Healer’s Herb.These weeds reproduce thanks to the tiny roots that remain on the ground. If you want to remove them by raking them, or chopping them, you will only be able to break their roots, which, scattered on the ground, will reproduce these weeds to a greater extent. Instead, pull them by hand and cover them with much “organic fertilizer” to hide them from sunlight, and thus eliminate them permanently.Persistence, the key to successThis will be your most important weapon against weeds. Cover the garden floor with the “organic compost”, remove all weeds (pulling with your hands), basement where you should, and use this tool for a few minutes whenever you visit your garden. Do these things consistently for some seasons, and slowly, you will see how the invaders leave for ever.But sometimes using weed killers is the need because people with huge land or farm houses need weed killers as it’s impossible for them to make hundreds of Gallons of vinegar solution, for that purpose refer to Top 10 Best Weed Killer Reviews.

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