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Women’s Health and Obstetrics Specialist Op.Dr., who stated that the most important period for women to eat regularly and balance was the day they learned that they would become mothers. Regal Regiment said that pregnancy period should be careful to be fed.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op.Dr. “But every woman should pay careful attention to the quality and order of food for her health as well as the health of children who will be born during her life, especially how to nurture a healthy baby in pregnancy, the most special period of our life?” said.

Alay stressed the importance of continuing before pregnancy, before birth, after childbirth and before the birth of the right nutrition habits, “Man is aware of the tastes he knows, if he does not know how to taste these harmful products, he does not want this harmful food. Even if we learn the tastes in years, we will not consume these foods worrying that it is harmful under our consciousness. “Let’s give up our most precious assets, the other half of our lives, our daughters, our sons for bad health.


The regiment says, “I have the most basic features to feed, and I am confident that you will never smoke cigarettes in your newborn baby’s tobacco and products: do not expose your miniature to a steamer while you are still in your stomach. Stay away from all the processed foods and never consume them. White flour, white sugar, high starch calorie, poor quality food.

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Marine fish and seafood in particular facilitate the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and should be consumed regularly twice a week. Especially long-lived dip fish and canned fish should not be consumed. More than two Porsche a week are caused by the consumption of too much mercury in our bodies due to pollution in the seas. Mercury is a toxic element and very harmful.

Plenty of vegetable consumption can be raw or cooked according to this diet. At least 2 servings a day should be consumed. In consumption of meat and dairy products; It is also very important to feed the sheep, goats or swine to be sowed. For healthy and quality milk production, animal feed should not be consumed, should be nurtured in the open air, natural environment. In other words, the milk of animals fed with ready-to-eat feed in stallions as large as the present day is not the quality we want. Especially fat-soluble vitamins are present in the milk and meat of the animals that grow in a suitable, healthy environment.


We recommend that both our babies and our children eat eggs. A quality protein and vitamin source egg. But now industrialization in eggs in modern times. Chickens and eggs that are grown only in cereal feed and grown in bulb-free cages that do not see the sun are not the kind of diet we recommend. We can obtain healthy eggs and chicken meat with the chicken that is traveling, the sun, the chickens fed with insects in the soil.

The production date of the food you consume is important. Always consume fresh vegetables and fruit that you need to be aware of. Products in the vegetable and fruit section of the market, where the modern people we live in rush mostly prefer in shopping, may not always be able to maintain their freshness. Both consumer associations and the health ministry should be very careful in this regard and take the necessary precautions. In fact, the most important start in our fertile soil is to do our agriculture with our domestic seeds and to nurture our animals in the natural environment. A little effort for healthy children. “

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