The Benefits of Massage

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A good Massage is an enveloping experience that takes care of all the senses, from soft caresses to strong manipulations, with natural aromatic fragrances and music that relaxes the body and the mind.in fact the Massage is more than a luxury that some decide to give themselves: It is a tool of communication and contact. Through the Massage generate strong emotional bonds, energetic connections and bonds between the beings that allow them to feel unit, belonging and desire of cooperation.

Did you know that in India they are given daily massage to children?

From birth to age six, children are massaged; With that his defenses are strengthened and his muscles are stimulated. When they reach that age, they are trained to give Massage to the grandparents, who will notice the benefits in joints and Immune System. In fact, Massage as a couple forms a natural part of marital life, increasing the union of beings and fertility.

The Benefits of Massage

What are those “knots” we feel in the back?

Due to bad posture in front of the computer, the hours we spend in transporting ourselves and the stress we have become addicted to, the muscles respond by contracting for long periods of time, causing pain, inflammation and agglomeration of muscle fibers.This condition is known as muscular contracture, which turns out to be not only a physical impediment but a constant mental distraction.

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Therapeutic Massage mobilizes muscular contractures and detoxifies the body, relieves pain and emotional tension. It provides an interior space of relaxation and reflection.80% of diseases are detonated by stress, because we have become addicted to a life in which we forget what is really important, postponing the needs of our body to get sick.

Therefore a Wellness culture promotes human contact.

Give yourself a space for yourself and receive a Massage and other, promote health and communication in your family learning to give Massage.

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Massage changes your life because …

· Improve your defenses: Stimulates the immune system, avoiding infections.
· Relax Muscles: Eliminating muscle contractures.
· Detoxifies the body: Improving blood circulation.
· Avoid aging: By nourishing and detoxifying every cell in your body.
· Release emotions: We release everything repressed in the body.
· Relieves pain: Being a toning and relaxing Nervous System.
· Clear the mind: A relaxed body and mind make better decisions.
· Improves self-esteem: When you contact your cells they interpret it with the chemistry of love.
· Help in depression: By balancing neurotransmitters and brain chemistry.
· Tones the muscles: Keeps them nourished and with good blood supply.
· Improves communication: The contact involves closeness, family or couple.

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