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vintage rugs

Buying vintage area rugs is a great way to add some character to your home. Vintage rugs are handmade and never machine-made, making them a great option for homes that want a vintage look. Vintage rugs are generally made of natural materials, most often wool, and don’t contain synthetic materials. Most vintage rugs come from faraway countries, meaning the patterns and colors are unique. You may even be able to feel your wanderlust by purchasing one of these unique pieces.

These Rugs Will Also Be Crafted To The Highest Possible Standards

The most desirable vintage rugs have Middle Eastern origins. The art of rug weaving has been practiced in the Middle East for centuries and has become incredibly finely tuned over time. The first civilization to master weaving was Turkey, and the craft of hand-knotting wool has been passed down through generations. Turkish, Persian, Chinese, Morrocan, and Oriental rugs are the most common types of vintage rugs. The style of the rug depends on the region it comes from.

Antique and vintage rugs undergo an over-dying process. The first stage is shearing the pile of the rug so that it is even and the color is discolored without damaging the rug. Next, the rugs are carefully cleaned and dried to remove any odors. Some rugs are even laid out in the sun to achieve mellower colors. Unlike traditional dyeing processes, over-dyed vintage rugs don’t need to be rewashed afterward.

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