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breath coach certification

Breath Coach Certification can help you change your life for the better. Breath coaching can be used to enhance your performance, heal relationships, and enhance personal growth.

Breath coach certification takes a minimum of 10 weeks. It includes lectures, videos, and practical exercises on breathing techniques. Breath coach certification is designed to be fun and interactive. It is led by a leading breathing expert.

What is the program for a Breathwork certification?

The program includes a four-day weekend retreat in Southern California. The course also includes home study requirements. The course is taught live on Zoom. The program is designed for students to learn about the power of breathing, how to teach the techniques, and discover their own strengths. It also encourages an individual style of coaching.

Students learn how to access their own subconscious and create life-changing workshops. The course also includes comprehensive workshop templates. It is suitable for people who want to become breath coaches or yoga teachers.

Breath coaches can make a living by charging $25-40 per session. They can also charge more for retreats. Breathwork is a very rewarding profession. Using the power of breath, you can help people release emotional baggage and find newfound health.

A breath coach session is at least 1.5 hours. The client should leave the session feeling supported and loved.

Most coaches focus on the rational or conscious mind. However, breath work focuses on the emotional and physical levels.

Breathwork can be used to help heal relationships, release emotional baggage, and enhance performance. Breath coaches are not trained to treat illness.

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