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Many students in this age bracket have a hard time with reading comprehension and can benefit from an English tutor. If students don’t understand what they are reading, they may not get participation points and could end up failing exams and quizzes. A tutor can help students improve their reading comprehension skills and improve their grades.

The 14 Best Online IGCSE Cambridge Tutors

Having an English tutor can motivate students to learn and help them become better speakers. It will also help them set a schedule for learning. Having a tutor will also create a learning routine and help students develop a habit of learning. In addition, an English tutor will be able to measure students’ abilities and create materials to help students improve their skills. A tutor will also be familiar with common errors and topics that students need to focus on.

The best English tutors for Year 7 to 11 can motivate students to read independently and to be fascinated with texts. Tutors must also be able to understand students’ individual learning styles and be patient enough to ensure they achieve optimal results. YK Education tutors are patient and focused on getting the best results for their students.

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