How to Create a Custom Print on Metal

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custom print on metal

Print on canvas  on metal is a beautiful, unique way to display your favorite photos. The textured, bold look of aluminum creates a striking impact for your wall, whether you want to show off family photos or majestic scenery.

How to Choose a Photo for Custom Print on Metal

The quality of the image you use will have an effect on how well your custom metal print looks. A higher resolution photo will result in a more defined image on the aluminum. It also helps to keep the file size at a minimum.

How to Choose a Printer for Custom Print on Metal

When selecting a printer, be sure to choose one that uses archival, museum-grade materials and UV-cured inks. They will ensure your metal print lasts for decades to come, and won’t fade from exposure to sunlight.

Creating Metal Wall Art: Step-by-Step Guide to Custom Print on Metal

The finish you choose for your custom photo print on metal can be white or silver. A white metal print is a luminous base that highlights rich colors, while a silver metal print offers a more reflective shine that will enhance the details in your image.

How to Choose a Frame for Your Custom Print on Metal

The frame you choose will play a big role in enhancing the display of your metal photo. A simple, black-and-white frame can add a touch of class to the presentation, while a sleek frame with gold accents will highlight the vibrant, rich colors in your custom photo print on metal.

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