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new build snagging survey near me

If you are buying a new build property, we strongly recommend getting a survey. You can either opt for a full house survey or for a more affordable snagging survey which is specifically designed for new builds. Snagging surveys are visual inspections carried out by a qualified building surveyor and will highlight issues which fall short of warranty standards or breach regulations.

The new build snagging survey near me  is that the quality of workmanship can be very inconsistent and a homebuyer may end up with a list of problems that were not resolved by the developer. This can include a door that doesn’t shut properly, plastering or painting that is not to standard, insulation not fitted in the roof space or cavity walls, and many more minor defects.

Understanding the Importance of a Snagging List in Property Inspection

In some cases the quality of workmanship on a new build property will be so poor that it actually affects the structural integrity of the building, leading to major repair costs. We can help you to identify any major defects that should be reported to the developers and if necessary, we can assist you in reaching an acceptable solution with the builders.

We always advise people to arrange their snagging survey before they exchange contracts, this is because you will have more bargaining power with the developer if they know that you will be able to raise these issues with them. This is especially important as developers will often try to bamboozle buyers by referring to technicalities of tolerances and expecting them to accept substandard work.

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