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Photo booths are a fun open air photo booth to any event and they really shine during the holidays. However, an open air photo booth takes this party entertainment to the next level. These booths operate without a structure or enclosure that hides your guests and they are ideal for venues with beautiful walls and backdrops which you want to feature in your photos!

Guests step into the open booth and pose in front of a standard back drop and then look at the computer tablet below. Just a few seconds later, they receive their printed photos which will help them remember the night forever!

Beyond Reality: Elevate Your Event with Creative Adventures in Green Screen Photo Booths

There are many different open booth options, ranging from a simple, clean setup to more sophisticated and elegant machines that would fit into any luxury boutique. The Mashbooth Open-Air Premier Photo Booth is one of our favorite models and it produces beautiful high-resolution HD photos, GIFs, and videos that rival those taken in a real photography studio. Plus, it’s super fast with lab quality prints being produced on-site in less than 5 seconds for each guest.

The other big advantage of an open air photo booth is that it can accommodate more people than a traditional photo booth. That means that your claustrophobic Aunt Doris won’t have to feel left out (FOMO is real).

With a modern and clean tower, the open air photo booth will complement any party, from casual gatherings to corporate events. By creating a hashtag for the photos, attendees can easily share them on social media, which helps to spread the word about your event and its success.

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