The Real World by Andrew Tate

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the realworld andrew tate

The real.  world andrew tate   founded by Andrew Tate, a former professional kickboxer and self-made multimillionaire who boasts of his private jets and fast cars on social media. The program teaches individuals how to escape the Matrix through wealth creation and creating a successful business. It provides daily educational videos and access to resources. It also gives its members a community of like-minded people.

Tate’s claims of helping people become millionaires and break free from the matrix are controversial, but he has a large following of people who follow his advice. Many of his followers are young, and the program is popular among teenagers. However, some of his claims are unsubstantiated. In addition, he is often associated with sex trafficking, which is illegal in some countries.

Andrew Tate’s Unconventional Take on Success and Reality in Today’s World”

Despite the controversy, Tate has made a substantial income from The Real World. He and his brother own a number of different businesses, including a webcam company and a digital marketing agency. They also have a private fish farm, a casino, and a number of social media accounts that bring in a monthly income.

The Real World is similar to Hustler’s University, but it is primarily an online education platform where students learn how to start their own online businesses. The tutors, called professors, are experienced businessmen who have been in the field for years and know how to create wealth. The site is also based on the Telegram platform, which allows users to communicate more privately than other platforms.

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