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coolest handguns

During the last ten years, coolest handguns have entered the market. These guns are designed for shooting sports, self-defense, and professional use. They are loaded with innovative features.

The Ruger Mark II was one of the most prolific handguns ever produced. It was a popular choice among hunters and shooters. It is an excellent pistol for plinking and small-game hunting. This revolver was manufactured from 1952 to 2005.

The Beretta 92X Performance is a top-tier performance handgun. It features world-renowned locking systems and a heavy Brigadier slide. It also offers high accuracy and speed.

The CZ 75 is an ideal pistol for self-defense. It is available in a variety of different models. Each has its own unique design and features. There are a wide range of accessories available for it. You can even convert it into a rimfire using a Cadet.22 LR conversion kit.

Springfield XD MOD2

Another great revolver is the S&W 686.357 Magnum. This four-inch stainless steel revolver is designed on Smith’s L-frame. If you like to hunt whitetails, this revolver will be a good fit. For the best accuracy, it is recommended that you wear a hip or shoulder rig.

Sig Sauer’s P320 is a striking striker-fired polymer pistol. The gun is a great choice for both hunting and self-defense. The P320 comes in many variations. With its modular design, you can customize your pistol with different grips and calibers.

Aside from being a good choice for hunting and self-defense, the Whitney Wolverine is a gorgeous piece of engineering. Its aluminum frame is almost as light as Adamantium.

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