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tailored fit mens shirts

Custom tailored fit mens shirts are the best way to elevate your wardrobe and look smart while staying comfortable. They are made carefully to your exact body type and measurements, giving you a flawlessly tailored look that will make you feel confident and polished every time.

Traditional Fit vs Tailored Fit

The majority of dress shirts available on the market are either a classic or regular fit style. These shirts are cut looser than slim-fit styles, but still tightly fitting across the chest and shoulders. They will taper in at the waist and have a narrower, more V-shaped silhouette when tucked into pants.

A regular fit shirt will also have a straight side seam, allowing it to appear rectangular and boxy when spread out flat. It will also include a pleat at the upper back to provide additional fabric and make it more roomy in the shoulder area.

How to Choose the Perfect Tailored Fit Shirt for Your Body Type

There are many reasons why you should choose a tailored fit over a slim-fit style. First, tailored fit shirts are designed to replicate the look of a tailor, meaning they will offer a slightly tapered silhouette that has more in common with a dress shirt that is fit for a professional or elite athlete.

This curved tapering is not always as tight as a slim-fit shirt, but it will be noticeably more tight than a standard or athletic fit. This will be particularly true of shirts in herringbone-woven fabrics, which are wrinkle-resistant and easy to iron and dry quickly.

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