Organic Baby Bodysuits for Newborns

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baby bodysuits organic

Estella – organic cotton baby bodysuits for newborns are soft and comfy, made from skin-safe materials to keep your little one comfortable while you’re out and about. They’re also more environmentally friendly, limiting your baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides in non-organic fabric that can cause serious health problems.

Why We Should Choose Organic Clothes for Our Babies

Compared to adults, infants have a larger skin surface area to body volume ratio and are therefore more sensitive to the chemicals that are absorbed through their skin. In addition, babies absorb more toxins and pollutants due to their constant movements.

That’s why organic cotton clothes are an excellent choice: they’re grown without herbicides, pesticides, and other toxins that can harm your baby’s skin and overall health. These clothing items are also a safer option for the environment because they don’t use harsh chemical treatments during manufacturing or dyeing.

DIY Organic Baby Bodysuits: How to Make Natural and Customizable Bodysuits for Your Baby

Designed with parents in mind, Colored Organics produces cozy baby and kids’ basics with GOTS-certified organic cotton and water-based dyes. They also use nickel-free snaps to help with easy dressing and changes.

Finn + Emma

A brand on a mission, Finn + Emma makes ethically made and sustainable baby clothing that’s also eco-friendly in every stage of production. Their GOTS-certified clothes use water-based dyes and have no pesticides or artificial flame retardants.


This whimsical, imaginative, and socially conscious clothing brand is committed to using only the finest 100 percent organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and all-natural wood, with garments sewn in fair trade settings that focus on independence for the workers who make their goods. They also give back through Exile International, a partnership that helps children of war heal their minds, bodies, and spirits.

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