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When stack necklaces for a necklace or bracelet, it’s important to consider the type of link. A chain’s link style creates a visual texture that can enhance a piece of jewelry or detract from it. To untangle your confusion over types of chain links, we’ve put together a list of 34 popular styles to help you select the perfect one for your needs.

Curb chain

The flat-laying curb chain is made of small and large oval shaped links that alternate with each other. It’s a bold choice that can be worn solo or elevated with pendants.

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Also known as horse chain, figaro chains are thicker than curb chains and have alternating long and short link shapes. They are sturdy, durable and can be worn with many different pendants.

Barleycorn chain

So named for its resemblance to a grain of barley, this chain is thin, delicate and lightweight. It’s great for layering with other chains or wearing alone for a textured look.

Popcorn chain

This chain has a unique textured appearance that adds dimension and interest to your pieces. It’s a good option for adding texture to necklace stacks, and it works well with most pendant styles.

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